Think Sales Training is Just for the Sales Team? Think Again

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Often sales training sessions are marketed as the best way to amp up the performance of your sales team. You’ve seen the ads – send your sales team to this training, and you’ll see your profits soar. The problem with that equation? Your sales team may not be the only group selling your products. In fact, you may have overlooked a few of the most important groups in your organization with that mindset.

Identifying the Need

Understanding exactly who pushes your customers to invest more in your company is a good way to take a closer look at the individuals who are responsible for sales within your company. Sure, your sales team likely handles many transactions. They may even have the highest totals on the monthly spreadsheet. The simple truth, though, is that you may have individuals selling your products and services without ever realizing their role.

This scenario was true for Joe Leucht of Heartland Computers. Just after he joined the organization, he was enrolled in the Sales Mastery Management Program from Samurai Business Group. While he took away several great points, a realization hit him as he worked through the program’s material.

Leucht said, “I hate to generalize this, but anybody who talks to a customer will benefit from sales training.” Leucht went on to describe the individuals in his company who might benefit from the company. At Heartland, they have engineers who work alongside an account executive to help with the most strategic and difficult questions facing their customers. While they were technically classified as tech support, they were continually working with Heartland’s customers and potential customers.

“They may not have thought they were in a sales role,” Leucht said, “But they were in a sales role. I think any of those individuals who may not be in a formal sales role but talk to customers day in and day out definitely need to understand sales better because they’re on the front lines. They’re dealing with things that can become a compelling reason to buy more from our company.”

Teaching your entire team how to identify opportunities and communicate what your team can offer may mean higher numbers for your company. Whether that means landing the upsell or just retaining the business, it could be essential.

Making it Happen

Samurai Business Group works with sales teams and many other individuals inside companies across the country. Their Sales Mastery Program is a sales training program designed to teach your employees more than the fundamentals of sales. Simply educating them on how to recognize the right signals and move forward when a customer seems to need a bit more could make a serious difference in your company. Whether they’ve previously had sales training and need a refresher course or they’re completely new to the world of sales, this is an opportunity you might not want to miss.

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