So, You Think You Know Sales?

It’s an easy trap to spring – you’ve been doing this for years, and you know how it works. Your numbers have always been fantastic. So why is your boss sending you to additional training? Why is he having you work one-on-one with A COACH? It’s a situation faced by many salespeople but the simple reality is that sometimes a bit of additional sales training can go a long way, even if you already have plenty of experience.

The Power of Review

When you initially learn the material, it’s committed to your short-term memory. It’s what you focus on now. Most people hold about seven items in short term memory, and through rote learning, you can move that material into your long-term memory. That rote learning typically involves repetition, and it requires little understanding of what’s going on. When you take the chance to review material, though, you’re learning through understanding, and that means taking a closer look at the relationships between ideas and rethinking the concepts involved. Revisiting material means a chance to dig deep and use your imagination to apply these concepts you likely already know to situations you’ve experienced, and that can be a powerful way to change your approach. 

Kerry Cunnion of Sales Xceleration, a Samurai Business Group Partner, believes revisiting the key principles of sales is absolutely essential, even if you feel like you know them. “You learn something. You do it over and repeatedly. But it’s a little bit different when you’re sitting in a classroom setting, and you’re being directly instructed on that concept. It gives you a chance to take a step back and say, ‘Oh, you know what, I’m kind of doing some of these behaviors I shouldn’t be because I’ve gotten into that habit. I need to take a step back and clarify what I’m doing and how I’m thinking about that.’ It’s the perfect opportunity to retrain yourself because you get a new level of objectivity about what you’re doing and how you can do it better.”

Sales are unlike a lot of other functions in the business world. It must be very actively managed both by the sales reps at an internal level and by the manager. The process can atrophy over time, and even if you were great at sales, you may see losses if you don’t continually revisit the basics and rethink how they’re working at every turn. It’s not that you no longer understand those basic concepts, it is that revisiting the information and looking at it a little differently can turn out to be a better way of handling every sales call.  

Making the Change

For many salespeople, the additional help and training prove really useful, and it happens on a regular basis when business organizations first begin to work with Sales Xceleration and Samurai Business Group. 

While sales training could be frustrating to some experienced salespeople, the reality is that even if you KNOW sales, this partnership is one that truly works as much for them as it does for those without much experience. 

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