Surviving A Recession with Corporate Sales Training and Strategy

Jay Schuette of Wausau Homes describes how Samurai Business Group helped implement more of a market-driven sales strategy for his family business to make significant improvements to the company’s overall revenue. 

There is an AC Nielsen survey that looked at many companies during recessions. The results showed interesting results, The ones that kept working as is and got through it, performed about nine percent growth. 

The businesses that took a look at their business and asked questions such as “What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? How can we have a better impact with our marketing?” outperformed the growth by 275 percent.

Schuette attended the Samurai Business Group Sales Mastery Training program and it gave him the tools he needed to make positive changes in his company.  The Sales Mastery Training program made such an impact on Schuette, Wausau’s training program, and both the marketing and sales teams that he decided to take the program to the next level. He implemented a corporate sales training program to everyone within the company, not just those within the office. The Samurai Sales Mastery Training program is pertinent to all areas within a business. 

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