Sometimes Sales Training Involves Much More Than Sales

You’ve heard it all before. You have been in the room with the speaker droning on about how to improve sales. You have seen the PowerPoint slides again and again, and after it is finished; your sales numbers stay the same, right? It is a typical sales training story. In some cases, though, what is billed as sales training can prove to be so much more for your company. That’s exactly what happened for Eric Lucas of Fortress.

“I went to school for graphic design,” Lucas said in a recent interview. “But I needed to learn how to sell. I approached Bob Lambert and Samurai Business Group to enroll in his Sales Training Mastery Class. After that class, my career took me down a leadership path, so I took the Sales Management class as well.”

While Lucas did use the skills, he learned to improve his sales numbers – they essentially doubled their sales the year after he finished the course – the improvement in his sales skills isn’t his biggest takeaway. Instead, some other key points changed the way he does business today. 

“The opportunities that came along with this class helped us turn everything into high-quality opportunities. It helped us do so many things,” Lucas said. 

Better communication skills were one of Lucas’ top takeaways. “I’m not naturally a great public speaker, I can do it, but you know there are people out there that just blow me away and so it helped me in my personality helped me feel a lot more comfortable in the in sales situations. It helped me especially when I was having conversations with clients to do more listening than I did talking which is a little bit more my personality style,” he said.

The gains did not stop at communication skills, though. The courses also helped Lucas build a better system to retain clients after the initial sale. “I feel like the clients that we do get now, after the training, we can retain them a lot better. These courses gave us a system so we can run and improve on,” Lucas said. 

More than that, though, was the powerful help that came after the course. “One of the best takeaways was having help in our corner. When we have run into problems or things get stuck, we can go back to Bob, and he is always available for coaching. He will walk us through the system to make sure that we’re following it, and then in areas where we’re not following it or where we can apply the system to a higher degree, he helps us understand how to forward,” Lucas noted.

For Lucas, this course was a unique experience in sales training. “It’s the way they lay it out and put a process with everything that makes it a lot more applicable. They give you the framework to work in versus just suggesting some concepts are important. I think that is the most valuable part,” Lucas emphasized. 

Sales training is about improving numbers, but sometimes there are lessons behind those numbers that prove to be far more valuable in the long run. 

If you want more than just improved sales numbers for your company, contact Samurai Business Group today to learn more about our Sales Training programs