Stop Selling.

Help Your Customers Buy Instead.

We’re Samurai Business Group – and we’ve helped thousands of individuals and teams optimize their sales and business development approach. We can help you too.


Our proven Buying Decision Model™ was developed in partnership with DePaul University and has been adopted by leading Fortune 5000 organizations, and multiple universities and colleges. This proven, proprietary method trains sales professionals, business development managers, and inside sales teams on how to get, keep, and grow their customer base and keep their pipeline full of well-qualified leads.


Understanding the mindset and needs of the buyer – essentially the Buyer’s Journey – is at the heart of our approach. Our trainers delve deep into all aspects of this process to help students understand their customer, anticipate and mitigate challenges, prepare to close, and manage each step along the way.


We offer a robust curriculum including reading, presentation and exercises. Our process covers every aspect of preparation, management and troubleshooting throughout the buying process. Our classroom and customer training programs provide real-world examples and role-playing so students can be prepared for virtually every situation when they apply the training to their sales and business development efforts.


Our results speak for themselves. Although each individual and industry is different, it’s not unusual for our customers to experience a 2-3x increase in sales when using our method correctly and consistently.


You can download our Sales Mastery and Sales Management Mastery brochures or get in contact with our Chief Samurai, Bob Lambert, for more information.