Sales Transformation Program

The Sales Transformation Program is a Professional Sales Development Peer Group for Owners of Small to Midsize Businesses

This program will enable you to transform your business from a product/service delivery business to a sales driven model and to deliver consistent, scalable, sustainable and predictable sales growth.

What separates the companies that break through the barrier vs those who remain stuck?

The answer is simple. It comes down to the capability and devotion of the President / CEO to personally transform the sales engine of their company and to take on the job of re-inventing the sales aspects of their business. This requires three commitments:

Developing their own capability to lead a sales force; Implementing a disciplined, effective, and scalable sales engine; Recruiting, training and motivating game-changing talent

We have seen this transformation occur with our clients. In the end, sales growth is all about you – and your ability to build, lead, coach, manage, develop, motivate and retain a top producing sales team. Are you ready to do what it takes to change the future of your company?

The Sales Transformation Program

Our goal is to provide the same world-class sales management development that the top corporations provide – but tailor its content and delivery for the practical world of the business owners in the SMB arena.
You will be taught sales management processes and best practices as utilized by world-class sales organizations and guided through a carefully designed, year-long competency development program.

The program fees cover a combination of training, materials, workshops, individual coaching, webinars and peer group working sessions. The bi-monthly, half-day workshops and peer group sessions are held at our training centers in Downtown Chicago. 90-minute webinars are held during the months that do not have group meetings. Coaching is continuous throughout the program.

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