Samurai Mastery Programs

Our mastery skills training programs are based on blended learning which utilizes adult life experiences and critical thinking skills to expedite your active learning process.  The training includes classroom instruction, case studies, assessments, role playing, coaching and feedback.  We also include accountability to apply pre-work to specific customer(s) and share learnings as well as provide feedback with other participants.

Samurai Sales Mastery TM Our point of Distinction: Our revolutionary Buying Decision Model™ is deeply rooted in behavioral & neuroscience which is applicable to today’s sales and marketing environment. It is a combination of scientific research, real-world experience, and common sense. We coach and teach How & Why people Buy, not how you sell them. The curriculum and sales training methodology is adaptable to your organization’s unique situation as well as your unique personality and skill set.  It provides you with an understanding of the “why” behind the “what” and a road map to achieving a trusted relationship with your customer and competitive advantage.

This program will enable you to learn the discipline necessary to efficiently and effectively generate the number of sales required to meet your objectives with a high degree of proficiency.

You will be able to:

Find and meet more quality prospects

  • – Effective target marketing techniques to high potential opportunities that get appointments
  • – Executive connections – how/where to network Online & Off-line for maximum effectiveness
  • – How to identify and meet strategic partners in your target market that accelerate prospect opportunities


Accelerate Buying Decision

  • – Creating trust relationships
  • – Why and How prospects buy
  • – Dramatically improve the sales-to-close ratio


Create customer evangelists

  • – Understanding why clients buy from you
  • – How to leverage client relationship for more business
  • – How to get customers that willingly evangelize you to others