Samurai Sales Management MasteryTM

If your sales organization is under-performing, it may be the victim of the “Management Myth”.  This is the commonly held belief that when you promote a top salesperson to sales manager, he or she will instinctively have all the skills and knowledge needed to be a good manager.  This is simply not the case and the results are all too often disastrous.  Delivering sales results and managing salespeople are two very different skills.  That’s like trying to take Michael Jordon and instantly turning him into Phil Jackson and not giving him any coaching and training for the new skills required for the position.

Our goal is to provide the same world-class sales management training that the top corporations provide but adapted to your organization’s unique markets and conditions. Samurai Sales Management MasteryTM enables sales managers to develop the competencies and skills, knowledge and experiences you need to develop and implement an effective, high performing sales team to deliver business results and create a competitive advantage.

The training consists of three in-person monthly sessions:

Recruit, Onboard & Retain for Competitive Advantage          1st Month Full Day

  • – Target Interviewing
  • – Practice Interviewing
  • – Onboarding


Measure & Monitor Performance to Deliver Results               2nd Month Full Day

  • – Establish Performance Accountability
  • – Succession Planning
  • – Attributes of Effective Sales Leadership
  • – Managing Conflict


Coach Your Team to Excel                                                            3rd Month Full Day

  • – Coaching Performance
  • – Motivating Your Team
  • – Developing Your Team