Samurai Executive Leaders Guild for Sales Growth

The Samurai Executive Leaders Guild is a group of CEOs, executives, and presidents of small and medium-sized companies brought together for education and growth for themselves and sales growth for their companies.

Jack Trytten, author of The G Point spoke to the group about figuring out what they do to get sales growth in their business? What are their plans and strategies? Also, the types of resources used to drive growth and understanding why growth isn’t that easy. Once these are answered, you won’t look at your business the same.

Participants learned a lot from the evening, such as the importance of customer feedback. Really listening to it, understanding it and using that to further their business. The round table discussions were very helpful for many. Sharing insights and ideas from people in different industries was beneficial to many.

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Video Transcript:

Bob Lambert:  This is an inaugural launch of Samurai Executive Leaders Guild, basically about ideas, knowledge, and connections. What we wanted to do is be able to bring together CEOs, executives, and presidents of small, medium‑sized firms. It’s going to be about top‑line education, top‑line growth for companies. That’s the whole focus.

We’re going to address those by proven sales and marketing content, and also experts that we would bring in.

Ben Goldberg:  What I look for is executives that I can share thoughts with and learn from. In this environment it felt comfortable. It felt safe, and it felt like I was around people that aren’t just small businesses but companies that are in the same position I am where they’re dealing with the same things I’m dealing with on a daily basis.

Jack Trytten:  What do you do to get growth? What are your plans? What are your strategies? What kind of resources have you put in place to drive growth? The challenge is why isn’t everybody a growth machine?

It’s some relatively simple concepts that a few people have really mastered. Unfortunately, some other people have had a tough time wrapping their heads around. We’re going to talk about that tonight.

Over that period of time, see the light bulbs go on across the room. That little light bulb’s going to mean that you got it. You understand what the G Point is, and based on that, you’re never going to think the same way about your business.

Male Participant:  For the overall evening, I will tell you that I’ve heard Jack speak now probably five times. Each time I hear Jack speak I pick up something useful. Jack, thank you.

Jacob Hargrave:  My biggest take away was just the absolutely importance of the customer, using the customer’s feedback, and using the customer’s experience to help guide your business into the change that is inevitably going to come.

No matter what you’re doing, five years from now your business will be different than it is today. You have to plan for that and know what’s coming. Your customers are going to help guide you to that target.

Tom Peters:  Great event. I especially liked the round table. We’re just meeting other business owners and finding out their insights on different things. A lot of good insights there. A lot of good help.

Roger Wolf:  We need to find something that connects with our customers more than just selling our price quality and delivery. That was really eye‑opening and something I’ll take back and think about.

The event was great. It’s always great when you can talk to your peers, see what works for them, what doesn’t work for them, and then, again, just take things back, think about them, and try to integrate them into your own business.

Gena Baumhart:  It’s good to share ideas. I walk away with different perspectives. I have my people in different industries, and I think it’s a worthwhile event.

Tom Scalamera:  One thing I realized or took away from this is I’ve got to [inaudible 2:42] out and talk to my customers and get some feedback. How is my team doing? How am I doing? How is this Solution Partners doing?

David Rubin:  This event was phenomenal. This was something that should be done semi‑annually, and I believe with this type of venue, they’ll continue to attract the high‑caliber individuals that they want to.