Samurai Business Group Sales Training Recommended By Jeff Hornstein

Jeff Hornstein talks about his experience with Samurai Business Group training. He recommends the training for both sales professionals but also business professionals that are responsible for sales or that are looking to grow their business.

Mr. Hornstein heard about some techniques that he was currently implementing, but also learned about things that he should be doing more of and in a better way. He recommends the Samurai Business Group sales training programs.

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Video Transcript:

Jeff Hornstein:  …the presentation that Dan and Bob had given this morning was great. It was a good reinforcement for a lot of things that I’m doing with my company currently and most of my colleagues are doing. It also triggered a few things that I’m not doing enough of.

I’d certainly recommend for those that don’t have a sales orientation but yet are responsible for sales or need to grow their business to follow some of the principles that Bob and Dan talked about.