Sales Training and Sales Skills from Experienced Salespeople

Experience is key when connecting with an audience. Samurai sales training attendee Clark Neuroff explains that Samurai Business Group shares their personal selling experiences which is tremendously helpful in helping those identify with the content they are teaching.

Many consultants just want to sell attendees, but Samurai Business Group genuinely wants to make attendees sales skills better and their companies more successful. Their main goal is to deliver content that makes you and your company better.

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Video Transcript:

Clark Neuhoff: ¬†They’re able to connect with their audience because they’ve experienced most of the things that people have in a selling situation. They’ll share from personal experience so you can identify with what they’re teaching.

These days, lots of consultants love to speak. They want to get in front of an audience and they’re selling their stuff. The folks at Samurai understand the difference. You came to learn something, they’re going to deliver the content. There’ll be a time later to see if it makes sense to do business with them. They don’t step over that line.