Sales Training That Inspires and Motivates

Carrie Matlock, a principal at DLA Architects, discusses how the Samurai Business Group sales training was motivational for her and her partners. They were actually able to focus just on sales and marketing and realize that regardless of their title, each one of them has a sales role.

The Samurai sales training helped them understand how what they do is perceived by clients and potential clients. The perception of others is a very large part of sales that many people do not realize. An outside perspective, Matlock feels is something that every company can benefit from.

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Carrie Matlock:  It’s been inspiring. Actually, I think it’s highly motivational for me and my partners to go in, sit down, and really just think about marketing and sales for two hours on a regular basis, which is really important. When you start thinking about that, then you actually start doing it in the real world. Each and every one of my partners now feel that they have a role in sales, which is new for us.

We were doing what we thought we should be doing, [laughs] which is some right, some wrong. What Samurai helped us understand is how we think about things and how that affects what our clients perceive. I think that it’s important for me and my partners who are at a different level to get this information in and really use it as we grow in the company.

It really does help you take a look at yourself and how you’re perceived by others. That’s a big part of sales. Who wouldn’t benefit from this? Even if you think you know what you’re doing, it’s always good to hear an outside perspective. Any company would certainly benefit from that.