Sales Training That is Fun and Offers a Great Return on Investment

Rob Kauffman of the American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development loves what he does but before going through the Samurai Sales Mastery Training, he would have to tell people in great detail about his job and his company which made sales more difficult.

Through the Samurai sales training program, he was able to understand how the sales process works and implement a structure to help prospective clients buy. The sales training has helped him increase his sales too. 

In addition to learning a lot, Kauffman found the training quite fun and engaging and got a great return on his investment.

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Video Transcript

I get excited about what I do and so I’m what I found was I had to tell people in detail what I would do, you know and that was that didn’t really work real well to make sales. 

So basically, I found the course to be really useful in putting a structure to the sales process.  And that I love what they say about it being a buying a decision on the part of your clients or prospective clients that they’re going to buy. 

And it’s made my working with people in terms of their coming into my as clients of mine so much easier I’ve gone from almost nothing to where I’m busy most of the time. 

I feel like their program has really been helpful in that. I love the training because it’s fun. It is really fun. And you learn a lot. You get to practice. It is an investment and I think it returns a great deal on its investment.