Sales Skills – Sales is As Much about Listening as it is About Selling

For Tony Battaglia, attending the Samurai Business Group training is an investment in yourself and your future as a business person. Battaglia says the Sales Mastery Training program helped him with both new and existing clients.

The program helped him learn that he doesn’t need to show the clients how much he knows about accounting, but rather listening and understanding what the client’s needs are, asking questions about those needs, and formulating a plan around the client.

Battaglia gained confidence from the Samurai Sales Mastery Training Program and knowing what he learned works.

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Video Transcript:

Tony Battaglia:  It’s an investment, not only in your sales technique but in yourself and in your future growth as a business person. It’s funny. It’s not only the meeting the new clients that the program helped me with. It’s working with the existing clients.

Prior to working it with the Samurai Group, I would get in front of someone and essentially explain everything I knew about accounting. What I learned was that, it’s not everything I know.

It’s really what the client’s needs are, listening to what they needed, and then asking questions. There’s a certain comfort and confidence that you get from knowing that this program works.