Sales Recruitment Consulting: A Process that Can Save You Money

There’s a myth floating around that a bad sales hire will only cost a few months of salary. It’s a myth because the cost of a hiring mistake is so much more expensive than you can imagine. It is not just the salary costs of the hire but also the cost to find the new hire, the productivity lost and the possibility of lost sales or even lost clients. Given stakes like these, avoiding the problem in the first place is critical, but how can you avoid the problem entirely? Build a better recruitment program now. 

Unconvinced? Think About the Consequences!


What is your current hiring process… Posting an ad on LinkedIn? Going to a job fair or two? Calling the candidate in for a second interview? No matter what your process looks like now, there’s a solid chance that you could improve on it. Remember the importance of a great sales team.

* They make your company look great. Passionate and motivated, you’re exceeding quotas and building long term relationships with clients who will help make the company’s bottom line year after year. 

* They become your competitive advantage. Everyone wants to be on a winning team.

* They transform your team. The passionate, optimistic individuals can change even those who are unmotivated right now. 

* They enhance productivity: a bad sales rep or two means serious productivity issues in your sales department. You’re likely to have angry managers, frustrated reps, and a negative climate you cannot afford. Good sales reps, though, help build the entire team and create a positive atmosphere. 

Building a Recruitment Process That Works

So, how do you avoid the problem? Start by creating a recruiting process that works well for your team. Start by creating a better hiring profile. Note that this isn’t a job description. Instead, it’s the personal and professional skills that would make your perfect hire. 

Consider someone who is flexible, adaptable, willing, and able to comprehend your sales system and a good fit with your team. From there, build a screening team that can begin identifying talented people in all sorts of ways. You want to be sure you’ve developed the profile well, so you’re only seeing candidates who meet your needs. 

Ensure your team is qualified to handle the process, and the interview sessions will be more comfortable. Then, reconsider the entire interview process. It’s key to moving forward with the right team. Finally, if you find an ideal candidate, don’t procrastinate, step on the gas and get them onboard.  Today’s excellent sales candidates are not on the market long! 

Sound like a bit much? At Samurai Business Group, we know a company is only as exceptional as the people in it, and if you want great people on your team, a vital recruitment process has to be part of the equation. Whether you’re just getting started or it’s time to optimize your strategy so you can do more, we’re here to help you develop your recruiting process and interview candidates. Contact us today