Sales Management vs. Sales Leadership

A while back, I had the opportunity to attend The Chicago Transportation Club Business Development Symposium. One of the speakers was Daniel Mullally, Sr. VP Sales, FedEx Services.

During Daniel’s talk, he shared with the audience a challenge he was having with his sales management’s style. He observed a management style that was intimidating, sterile, numbers / performance-based and the negative impact on morale, turnover, and ability to attract new talent.

While having management fundamentals is important to achieve strategic initiatives and goals, it often is overemphasized and becomes the style in dealing with human beings.

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In my observations of sales management vs. great sales leaders, it’s what they do with their people that was a big distinction. The successful sales leaders I’ve observed have a passion and a serious commitment to develop and mentor people. They spend most of their time in the field among their people, inspiring, equipping and encouraging them by helping develop winning skills, activities and behaviors.


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