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Beyond Trusted Advisor:

Don’t just focus on becoming a trusted advisor, become a trusted asset to your customer. This approach goes beyond the standard professional expectations and positions you as a collaborator with long-term value and proven ROI to the customer.

How Prospects Buy:

Ever wonder why a prospect didn’t buy?
Do you really know what motivates a prospect to buy?
Get this right and it will give you a competitive advantage.


Book Cover

Buyer Process Management

Buyer Process Management: Applying the Principles of Human Behavior to Business-to-Business Sales.
By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert
41 pages – Digital / Published 2011

Book Cover

Essential Sales Management

Essential Sales Management: The Three Critical Skills of Successful Sales Managers
By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert
33 pages – Digital / Published 2013

Webinar Series

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Webinars to improve your Sales
Sales Skills Development
60 minute webinars that address essential sales skills:

Motivating Prospect to Buy

Motivating Prospect to Buy: identifying the key element that changes “not interested” to a closed sale

Motivating Prospect to Buy

Prospect Generation: converting leads into interested prospects

Motivating Prospect to Buy

Earning a Prospect’s Trust: quickly relate to the prospect and gain their trust

Motivating Prospect to Buy

Socratic Questioning: ask the questions that will close the sale

Motivating Prospect to Buy

Creating Customer Loyalty: increase add-on business and generate referrals

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