Samurai Sales

$6,752 /yearly

(10% Discount)

other payment options


(10% Discount)


**Initial One Time Fee $375 (DiSC Behavior Profile +
Fast Start Coaching Session) added to first payment

Find and Meet More Quality Prospects

  • Effective target marketing techniques to high potential opportunities that gets appointments
  • Executive connections – how/where to network Online & Off-line for maximum effectiveness
  • How to identify and meet strategic partners in your target market that accelerate prospect opportunities

Accelerate Buying Decision

  • Asking great question and listening to create trust relationships
  • Why and How prospects buy
  • Dramatically improve sales close ratio

Create Customer Evangelists

  • Understanding why clients buy from you
  • How to leverage client relationship for more business
  • How to get customers that willingly evangelize you to others

Time Investment:

2 ½ Hours Every Other Week for a Year


150 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 2400, Chicago, IL

Samurai Sales Management MasteryTM

$8,100 /yearly

(10% Discount)

other payment options


(10% Discount)


Quarter 1

Recruit, Onboard & Retain Top Talent for Competitive Advantage

Quarter 2

Measure & Monitor Performance to Deliver Results

Quarter 3

Coach & Develop Your Team to Excel

Quarter 4

Enhance Your Leadership to Inspire a High Performing Team

Eight 90 Minute Sessions

Online Peer to Peer Triads

Time Investment:

4 ½ Full Days & 8 90 Minute Online Sessions over a Year


ENCLAVE for Entrepeneurs, 75 Turner Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL

Workshops/Events: Determined on a case by case basis.

Samurai Business Group – Corporate Fees – determined by the engagement specifications. Payment will also be
determined by client on how they wish to pay.

Samurai Business Group – Licensing Fees – determined by agreed upon structure and payment.

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