Prospecting With the Samurai Sales Mastery Training Program

The Samurai Sales Mastery training program offers a lot of information on prospecting, but not necessarily prospecting the way you think. Having a plan and purpose instead of just the same old thing really changed things for both Adam Meek and Emily Garrity.

The Samurai Sales Mastery training program helped them understand how to be better prepared which gave each of them more confidence and was also a time saver. Additionally, it helped them learn how to cast a wider net, building alliances, creating more and better referrals and helping them learn to listen and ask better questions.

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Video Transcription:

Adam Meek:  This process of prospecting has brought dividends where I’m getting calls back. That’s not just with new prospects. That’s even existing clients. There’s been a lot of new opportunities. We’re talking about significant dollars.

Bob Lambert:  What’s changed from the way you were doing maybe before to what you’re doing now?

Emily Garrity:  Having more of a plan and a purpose instead of just doing it.

Bob:  What does it mean?

Emily:  From the perspective of getting better introductions.

Bob:  Do you feel that this has helped you get a better return on the time you’re investing in these prospectings?

Emily:  Definitely.

Adam:  Big yes. Absolutely. Not only is it a time saver, but you just feel more confident, you feel more purposeful in what you’re doing. A lot of times you just think again, going to these events. You’re doing what you’re supposed to do, but that can be at the very lower end of the pyramid.

Bob:  What’s changed about that?

Adam:  There’s a lot of focus on what is a quality introduction versus a quality referral. I’m much better at asking for these quality referrals and also giving them.

Bob:  What is alliances or partnerships, and what those look like for you?

Adam:  We’ve had opportunities come back by building these broader alliances. We’re finding new sources of referrals for business that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Emily:  Because you know exactly who you can go to and help facilitate the total solution set.

Bob:  Getting to the results of this. So far what you’ve learned?

Emily:  The biggest results so far is I do have a process. Where before it was just a hodgepodge, right now in with Connect Vets we are looking at going from just thousands of dollars in donations to millions.

Adam:  When I’m talking to prospects, I do a much better job of asking questions that show them that I’m taking the time to understand what their issues are. That helps build the trust. You can talk about what you do all day long, but that’s not really going to get you where you want to be.

You are the right person, the right fit at the right time for them to be working with and asking questions is absolutely key to that. I’ve changed dramatically how I approach it.