Professional Business Development Leads to Doubled Sales in 2 Years

Advantage National Bank doubled in size in 2 and a half years, mostly in the commercial segment. CEO Chris Sweetland talks about how he attributes a large part of that growth to Samurai Business Group. The professional business development, as Advantage National Bank called it, was more than just sales training, it was a behavioral focused professional selling system.

The training improved the quality of their business conversations with their target audience and ultimately helped them with their tremendous growth.

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Video Transcript:

Chris Sweetland: ¬†As you know, we’ve been in very trying economic times, and we’ve doubled the size of the bank in two and a half years. We were about a $230 million bank. We’re now a $500 million bank. The vast majority of that growth has been from the commercial segment.

Samurai’s been a big part of that. Our activity in the market has increased tremendously. The quality of our business conversations with our target audiences has become just imminently better.

The Samurai people and the Samurai system has really become part and parcel of the culture of the bank. They’ve been more interactive than just about any other vendor we’ve ever had.

We dubbed this Professional Development training when we signed out with the Samurai folks. We did that for a reason. It’s much more than just sales training. It’s a very effective professional to professional selling system, and it’s behaviorally focused as opposed to tactics focused. That’s why it’s been so successful in our shop.