Longtime Sales Executive Recommends Samurai Sales Management Development Program

As a sales management and sales leader himself, Bob Hackett developed sales training programs for his sales organizations but was looking for sales management training. He wanted a program where he could discuss with peers and exchange ideas and information that worked for addressing issues affecting businesses from various industries. 

The Samurai sales management program offers a different approach than most sales management training programs. The program offers sales management and sales leaders an opportunity to share concepts and ideas as well as challenges that are affecting businesses. 

Hackett recommends the Samurai Sales Management program for any sales management or sales leaders that are looking to further advance themselves, their business and their leadership skills. 

Learn more about the different sales training programs from Samurai Business Group today. 


Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Bob Hackett. I’m with RR Donnelly. I’ve been in sales and sales management for the last 36 years. My early part of my career was involved in just sales and later on moved into Sales management, sales leadership if you will. 

I’m currently responsible for several different areas within the US at RR Donnelly for their direct marketing business and I have either participated, led, developed various sales training programs for sales organizations throughout my career. And one of the biggest issues for me as a sales leader has been where do I go to get the type of training that I really need to help myself as a sales manager or a sales leader. 

You know there’s a lot of packaged programs out there that focus on solution selling, consultative type of a selling program but there’s nowhere for a sales manager or sales leader to sit down and have a discussion with their peers and share with others from different industries but all with the same issues on how they’re working through and addressing the various issues that affect their business on a day-to-day basis. Until I met the folks at Samurai. 

Samurai took a whole different approach in Dan Kreutzer, Michael Cummings have sat down and put together what I think is one of the better programs around and available to sales managers and sales leadership across the country. An ability to come and meet on a regular basis and share with each other various ideas and concepts that are working at the same time sharing the different challenges that affect your business. 

It would be my recommendation that anybody who’s looking to further advance themselves their business and their leadership skills look no further than Samurai give them a call.