The Importance of Trust in Sales

Unfortunately, there are a number of negative sales stereotypes that have to be overcome, used car salesman, slick, dishonest, slimy, can’t be trusted, etc. Trust is very important when it comes to Sales. People are more inclined to do business with someone they feel share similar intentions as them. Trust can be defined as a firm reliance on the integrity, ability, and charter of a person or thing. In any deal, the customer wants to know that the person or company they are hiring can provide the results that they were promised.

Depending on the person’s past experiences, this can influence their eagerness to commit to a new partnership. That’s why it is important to build trust with every client, referral source and colleague. There are a few ways to do this:

– Show that your interests are the same

– Demonstrate concern for them

– Deliver on your promises

– Be consistent and honest

– Communicate frequently, clearly and openly

As a business development  representative, integrity is an important trait. Not only does that represent your individual character, but as an employee of your company, that represents their character as well. Your ability to deliver, will speak volumes of the company’s ability to achieve maximum results, with you playing an integral part.

When sales developers reach out to new leads, hoping to land a deal, trust needs to be conveyed to the person on the other side of the phone or in a meeting. Building relationships, proving your trustworthy takes time, and ultimately can lead to a more effective business partnership, and possibly more business in the future. Referrals and recommendations by customers can be a great marketing tool to gain new business. Providing excellent results can lead to these referrals and recommendations. Here are some strategies for trying to build trust with a potential client:

– Acting always with honesty (ask yourself, are you doing the right thing or just doing what you think is right)

– Openness in communication with everyone (not only open, but honest in your communication)

– Meeting your obligations to look out for other people’s interests as well as your own (if you start with the other persons interest, your interests will be best served with that in mind)

– Keeping your promises (doing what you say or committing to what you promise)

Integrity can be a great quality for your company to have. The more testimonials, high rating by clients/customers, and colleagues, the more you’ll be seen as trustworthy. With this, your company can garner a reputation, as Warren Buffett was quoted as saying, “It can take 40 years to build a great reputation, 5 minutes to destroy it.” Being true to your word on what you can deliver is what will set you apart. More people could be inclined to do business with you if they know your history of delivering on what you promise. Client satisfaction can become your competitive advantage.

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