Finding and Solving Your Sales Team’s Pain Points

How many hours a week is your sales team spending with prospects who didn’t buy? They’re likely as frustrated as you are about that number. After all, selling to prospects who either can’t or won’t move forward is not just a productivity problem, it’s a budget problem. It can also be a brain drain for your entire team. How do you find those pain points that are creating the issue? It’s never an easy task, but it really is possible. It’s a lesson Joe Leucht of Heartland Computers learned quite well when Samurai Business Group consulted with his team in 2014. 

“Our general manager brought Samurai Business Group in back in 2014 to kind of help us through a transition we were beginning to see with our customer base. We were really going for more of a selling widget to selling a true solution for our customers. We needed a more consultative sales approach,” Joe said in a recent interview. One of the first steps in the process was Samurai Business Group’s Sales Mastery Training.

When many employees hear about sales training, they inwardly groan, and for good reason. Most sales training sessions tend to be dry slideshow after dry slideshow with little real information that can change the way you operate. Samurai’s Sales Mastery Series though is quite different. 

“The sales training was amazing,” Joe said. “I’ve had a couple of hours here and there where I got some thoughts, but I’ve never had training with this level of detail and participation. Between the role-playing, the Socratic questioning, and the coaching, I was able to really figure out where those pain points were.”

Prioritizing the problem must be your focus when you’re trying to identify your team’s pain points. Maybe they’re nurturing too much. Maybe they’re not delegating enough. Finding out what isn’t working has to be the goal, and for Joe, that’s exactly what happened at Samurai’s Sales Mastery Training. 

“I tend to be a little too patient. I find myself taking on a little bit too much of the workload, and this training helped me identify how to prioritize so that if I’m going in, I’m selling a solution instead of a widget,” Joe said. 

Joe’s training was so successful, he went on to Samurai’s Sales Management Mastery Training a few years later to help him overcome his pain points in that role as well. “The entire Mastery series identified both some personal shortcomings and some problems we have as a company that we hadn’t even considered. It’s made a powerful change for my company,” Joe said.

Pain points are often everywhere in a company, not just sales, but they don’t have to be the biggest problem you’re facing on a daily basis. Instead, with the right help on your side, like Samurai’s Sales Mastery series, it’s possible to change those pain points into something that’s truly working for your company. 

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