Customer Loyalty and Creating New Business From Existing Business

Trust and loyalty are earned. Businesses have already established loyalty and rapport with existing customers, are on the path to becoming a trusted advisor. Being a trusted advisor is an earned status after many touchpoints and reps.

Many businesses’ sales strategy is centered around going after new accounts for sales. Businesses often think that the best way to grow a business is with new sales. And while important, older, existing clients, are not necessarily at the forefront of the sales growth strategy.

The Samurai Sales Mastery Training lead both Mike Lavista and Spencer Maus to rethink their sales strategy to become true trusted advisors for their clients. And showing their loyalty to their customers. Once they shifted their focus to what they can do for their customers, it completely shifted their sales.

“There’s a real multiplier effect in that and that builds loyalty on both sides. That’s where the real key is,” Spencer Maus said.

Once they became a trusted advisor and resource to their customers, the sales became so much easier and faster.

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Video Transcript:

Mike Lavista:  When we get in a practice of just taking orders and every month, we’re just taking more orders, all of a sudden, we’re a commodity. That’s not loyalty. That’s just a patterned behavior.

Bob Lambert:  How does someone get loyalty from you guys?

Spencer Maus:  I would say that when I need to talk to them, when I need to get in touch with them, I can count on within 24 hours at least getting a phone call back.

Mike:  It’s a great crucible to experience how our clients are dealing with us.

Bob:  What have you learned about trust and what’s that look like?

Spencer:  You’ve hit a key point. People are using this whole trusted advisor thing way overboard. I’ll see someone who say, “I’m a trusted advisor.” It’s, “Really? I don’t even know you and you’re telling me you’re a trusted advisor?”

Mike:  Trust is something that you earn. It takes a lot of reps and a lot of reps getting it right. Everyone’s got their own threshold.

Bob:  What’s changed as far as your perspective of customer loyalty?

Mike:  My whole approach and vision to our sales effort was, “Go get something new.” I’d leave all the old clients in the dust. The idea was, let’s just keep building more and more and more. After working with Samurai, I started to look around and said, “Boy, all these people that know and like us and have worked with us and have sent us checks that cashed, we should probably do something about that.” 

Bob:  How important do you think something like this is?

Mike:  It’s probably the most important thing to our business. Since I’ve start rethinking this effort, 80 percent of our new business since we’ve done Samurai has been existing clients. That’s success for me in terms of being a trusted advisor.

Spencer:  There’s a real multiplier effect in that and that builds loyalty on both sides. That’s where the real key is. When you get in that position of being the trusted resource…

Mike:  The sale is quicker, easier, we’re already trusted, and usually, there’s nobody else. It’s, “Were you going to do it or…?”

Bob:  Only one in the door.

Spencer:  Only one in the door.

Bob:  How would you translate that into new business, new customers, new clients? At the end of the day, that’s what this is about, right?

Mike:  I can think of two opportunities totaling half million dollars for us this year that came directly from this concept and being in front in the trusted asset role.

Spencer:  Has resulted somewhere near around 450,000 per year. An income to me…

Mike:  Once we’ve been to the Samurai training, in a way, it can become how you are. Really just being effective in this process and how to speak in a language that makes sense to the people that you’re working with. If you can be natural and if you can be aligned with what customers and clients are doing, it’s actually easy.