Company and Sales Intersect and Move Forward Together

Sales departments often have one clear goal – higher totals. Unfortunately, for many companies, that goal supersedes nearly everything else. That often means edging out other kinds of corporate goals, like building a stronger team, and unfortunately, a laser focus on a single goal at the expense of everything else could have the opposite effect: creating lower sales totals.

This is not a unique position for companies. Fortress, a visual marketing agency, found themselves in exactly this position just a few years after the company started. Eric Lucas, the company’s Director of Strategy, expanded on the problem in a recent interview.

“I realized pretty early on that to have a successful agency, I needed to learn to sell because I went to school for graphic design. I know the work that I do well, but that’s it. I needed some help with sales and training, and business development in general, so I took Bob Lambert’s Sales Mastery Training Class and the Sales Management Mastery Class. It was something for me. After I took it, we doubled our sales over two years, but, maybe, more importantly, we developed an organizational structure that helped to do just that,” Lucas said.

The courses were so effective that Lucas ensured his entire team got the same training moving forward.

“Even though it did help me a lot as an individual, it is an effective system for us, so our team is trained in it. It helps give us a huge advantage. The bottom line is that it works. It’s proven time and time again that it works for our company, and it’s an excellent framework for our organization,” Lucas said.

The framework Lucas mentioned is the key to his company. Lucas said, “While a lot of the concepts are not going to be foreign concepts to someone who’s been in sales management for a significant time, it’s the way they lay it out and put a process that makes everything more applicable. I do not think we could operate without having gone through this as a team. We now have a common language, the same understanding, and we are working through the same process. It was everyone doing their own thing based on their own experiences. Now, we use a method that’s proven to work.”

That method continues to enhance Lucas’ team even today. It is a core driver of their sales process, and it’s led him to recommend the same classes to other companies. “If it works is not even a question. There is no doubt about that. We put it to work all the time, and I think the courses can work for anyone,” Lucas said at the end of his interview.

Sales may seem singular but creating a method that means your entire team is on the same page is always going to be the right way forward for any company.

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