Can Better Sales Training Really Redefine Sales?

It’s hard not to think that more training is the answer to nearly every professional problem, but when it comes to sales, an area where so much ink has already been spent, many believe more training doesn’t equate to better numbers on the chart. For Wausau Homes, though, that’s far from the case. In fact, better sales training led to a revolution within their company that meant a far stronger showing in the world of profits.

Company Executive Len Kats recently shared the business’s story. “Wausau Homes is a custom home builder that started in 1960 building homes in a factory. We started as a Midwestern company in Wausau, Wisconsin, and we quickly expanded into other areas of the Midwest and by 2007 we covered a majority of the United States and even did some select projects overseas from time to time.

When the Great Recession hit we looked at it as an opportunity to kind of redefine who we were and rebrand ourselves prior to that. We would work with independent builders in certain markets to sell our products.”

The problem with that new model, though, was that their builders rarely had the sales training necessary to create a consistent customer experience. What made things worse, though, was that most sales training courses Wausau Homes considered were too complex for their builders. That all changed, though, in 2008 when they met with Bob Lambert of Samurai Business Group.

“They weren’t telling us anything that wasn’t already said before in the world of sales training,” Kats said. “What they did was package it in a way that made it easier for the builders and sales professionals to understand and then quickly apply the results. That was the big difference in terms of us deciding who we were going to choose to help us on the journey of training builders throughout the United States to develop great customer experiences that removed the stress and anxiety from the home building process.”

For Wausau Homes, it was the single best choice they could have made. The sales team training spelled real results. From 2013 – 2019, they experienced a 25% year-over-year growth in sales volume. That’s not all that changed for their company, though. Instead, their entire culture changed.

Kats said, “If you were to sit in a meeting at Wausau Homes, you would clearly see the idea of seeking to understand before trying to be understood. . . Our team members, when they go to a meeting, it’s a new topic. It’s not a bunch of people spouting off here’s what I want to see happen. It’s ‘How can we get there?’ or ‘What can we do?’ or ‘Why do you think it should work that way?’ We have this sales culture of trying to learn from each other and not be combative with each other, and that’s really helped us moved quickly within this industry. It’s helped us make changes for our builder network that they can be impacted positively, very quickly.”

For Wausau Homes, better sales training made all the difference in the sales performance in their company, and it could spell the same level of success for your sales team, too.

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