Business Development Training Can Be a Personal Investment in Yourself

Vice President of Business Development Mary Eggert took the Samurai sales and business development training because she wanted to make a personal investment in herself. She set a quantifiable return on investment goal for herself. She more than doubled her ROI goal in the first year.

She liked that she was able to immediately implement processes and tools that she learned in the program and it created a process that anyone can and was able to use. Eggert believes the program is for anyone in a company from the CEO to the mail clerk and everyone in between. The program features The Samurai Way which helps people understand human behavior, transform business development, learn about The Decision Buying Model, and the importance of loyalty and retention.

If you are responsible for business development for your company, contact us today to learn more about our Sales Mastery Training Program.

Video Transcript:

Mary Eggert: ¬†What I did with Samurai, knowing that I wanted to make it as a personal investment for myself, I actually quantified what would be that financial impact if it was successful and realized I could get that returned in one year’s time and benefit over all the years of my life. Actually, I’m more than doubled that in the first year. That was a positive experience.

The application of Samurai is immediate with the processes, the conversations, the tools and just tracking mechanisms we have for Samurai, allows for us to create more of a predictable process. I think this program is really for anyone who’s selling ideas, selling products/services, or selling the firm to employees.

CEO down to the mailroom clerk who needs to get people to [laughs] participate in programs because it’s really about understanding where people are at, seeing things from their interest, and then aligning your activities so they become appealing to them.