The B2B Sales Environment Series: Roles of the Sales Person

To transcend the traditional sales role and be perceived by the customer as a trusted asset, you must act as if you were an employee of the customer and fill the following roles:

1. Business Agent – You must act as if you were the manager of an internal department and take personal responsibility for producing the results. This will require you to be the liaison between the customer and your company and to manage your company’s resources.

2. Business Advisor – You must understand their business from a big picture perspective which includes their values, culture, markets, customers, goals and objectives, and industry. You should provide advice that can help them get where they’re going.

3. Advocate & Expeditor – You must make sure that your organization provides the necessary emphasis and resources to the project to ensure timely results.

4. Consultant – You must provide applications and solutions, not products.

5. Troubleshooter – You must pre-empt potential problems, if possible and resolve any problems that occur.

6. Innovator – Today’s business customers demand innovation and continuous improvement in every product and service that they outsource, just as they do for all their internal production. What they are really buying is you and your company’s expertise and your ability to apply it in new ways to improve their results.


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