Avoiding the Sales Thought Trap

Statistics suggest there are nearly 18 million people in sales in the United States. Unfortunately, many of them believe one key myth that holds them back from performing at a higher level. Many believe that sales is a manipulative process where you must almost force the buyer to purchase the product or service. It’s a thought trap, and it keeps a large percentage of those sales representatives from doing more every single day. 

Why It Exists


Many believe this myth for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is that the perception of sales has long been a used car dealer who lies to customers, manipulates them, and pressures them into a deal that they’re not really comfortable with. It’s this constant, ever-present myth that makes people hate those in sales, and those in sales feel like it’s too hard because no one likes a sales representative. 

Making the Change

The best way to make the change is to take a closer look at what the sales process should be. In a recent interview, financial advisor Pete Crabtree mentioned he, too, became a victim of this thought trap. His ah-ha moment came during Samurai Sales Mastery Training

“As I went through the program,” Crabtree said, “I began to dramatically change my thinking. The training helped me see that sales is actually just a conversation I’m having with somebody where I can genuinely be helpful. I can help them clarify what it is they’re looking for, what their needs are, and then if what I have to offer matches that, great. If not, I can recommend them to somebody else. I can help them in their process and be useful in that way.” 

That level of thinking is a big breakthrough for many in sales. In fact, it’s nearly transformational. Sales is about so much more than pushing a product on someone. It’s about helping others who need a solution. While many manage to discover that on their own, for some – like Pete Crabtree – it takes a program like Samurai Sales Mastery Training to really understand how to change the conversation and build more, and stronger, results. 

The reality is that sales is simply connecting people with the right resources to get what they want. When you do that, everything changes. To learn more about how Samurai Sales Marketing Training can help you adjust your perspective, contact us today