Selling Value

If you can’t establish value, it will always come down to price.

Most sales people focus on their products and services, regaling the prospect with the features and the benefits that flow from them to create “value” for the prospect.  Unsurprisingly, these “benefits” are from the point of view of the sales person (or the marketing department at their company).  The fact of the matter is that only the prospect knows the value he/she places on the “benefits” at hand.

To paraphrase Shakespeare:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”     – William Shakespeare

“Value is in the perceptions of the prospect”

What today’s customers want…

In today’s sophisticated business-to-business markets, customers are seeking solutions that produce results and that let them concentrate on their core business competencies.  They are only interested in your products and services in this context.  They are not interested in Products per se´, they are interested in solutions that produce results…the products are the means to an end!  In other words, they are only interested in what you can do for them, not in what you have for them.

Selling value means selling based on the prospect’s perceptions of the VALUE your products / services can produce for them.

In order to effectively do this, you first must see the world from the customer’s perspective.  You need to know what they are trying to accomplish as well as why they are looking to you for help.

To be successful in today’s market, you must learn to sell value.  Prospects have been on the company website prior to the meeting.  They know all about your products and services.  They expect you to show them how the products will provide value to them, not tell them what they already know.  The key to value selling is understanding the prospect’s perception of value.  Following Samurai’s Buyer Process Management™ system is an effective way of creating perceived value for the prospect.

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