Sales Training Program

This sales training program helps you transform your selling skills from a competitive approach that is primarily transactional in nature to a collaborative, trusted advisor approach that focuses on your buyer.

If your business-to-business sales are underwhelming you are probably relying on the outdated sales approach that makes your products features and benefits (and company status) the focal point of their communications with the prospect. The underlying assumption for this approach is that your prospects wants to be sold. The fact is they don’t.

Unfortunately, this badly outdated approach typically leaves your prospect apathetic, at best; and you will be baffled as to why the prospect didn’t “get it”. When a sale was made, it will be generally in spite of, rather than due to, your efforts. The customer perception of this process is strictly transactional, with you seen as just another vendor. There will be very little, if any, customer loyalty and each new opportunity will be put out to the “usual suspects” for bid.

The Samurai Sales Mastery Series™ is a sales training methodology that is deeply rooted in scientific research on human behavior, coupled with industry research and best practices in sales. The sales training is adaptable to your organization’s unique situation, as well as your unique personality and skill set. It provides you with an understanding of the “why” behind the “what”, and a road map to achieving a trusted relationship with your customer. Are you curious what the experience is like?  Read an account of one man’s impressions.

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