Sales Management Training Programs

If your sales organization is under-performing  it may be the victim of the  “Management Myth”. This is the commonly held belief that when you promote a top sales person to sales manager, he or she will instinctively have all the skills and knowledge needed to be a good manager. This is simply not the case, and the results are, all too often, disastrous. Making sales and managing salespeople are two very different skills.

Samurai Sales Management Mastery Series™ is our sales management training program that will be adapted to your organization’s unique markets and conditions. It provides sales managers with the framework, insights, skills, metrics, and tools to easily and accurately manage and monitor the performance of your organization and to effectively lead their teams to optimal performance.

Our sales management training programs are based on the Harvard Adult Learning Model, which utilizes your adult life experiences and critical thinking skills to expedite your learning process. Our training makes you a more effective sales manager via its introduction to concepts, interactive discussions of how the concepts can be applied to everyday situations, role plays, exercises, debriefing of actual situations, and on-going coaching during the learning process.