Executive Networking

Start off a relationship wrong, and you know where it’s going. But start it off right, and there’s no telling where it will go.

We are the Samurai Executive Networking Group, and we start things off right. We are owners, presidents and senior C-level officers of successful small- to medium-size business-to-business companies. We come together for one thing – to help one another gain customers through high-level networking in a welcoming, collegial environment, and we believe in the notion that trusted relationships are what matter most.

But we’re not for everyone.

Our membership guidelines ensure that when we sit down together, we’re getting direct face time with key decision-makers and their select guests, personally invited because of who they are, who they represent, and the value they bring. Time is too precious to have it any other way.

Our members and guests understand the importance of trust and opportunity, and that the right introduction today can mean better business tomorrow.

Because as good as we are at starting, we’re pretty good at finishing, too.


“Referrals that I have given have led to more than $70,000 in revenues to SENG friends. I have closed at least $60,000 worth of business myself, and we have papers in hand that will make those numbers look even better. Not bad for a lunch once a month and having fun.”

“I was introduced by a SENG member to a CFO, who introduced me to the VP of sales and president of the company. We have signed a contract for long-term business which could be potentially $100,000 in business in the next two years.”

“I’ve gained five new clients equaling $2 million in investment funds since participating in SENG. This is the best and highest-quality group I’ve ever been associated with.”


In order to qualify:

  1. The guest must be a senior member of their B-2-B firms: CEO, President, Owner or senior C-Level officer.  (No sales representatives, account reps, B to C companies, or other unqualified surrogates etc. are permitted.)

  2. The guest must have decision-making capability or center of influence regarding the utilization of services and or products.

  3. The guest may not be in conflict with any of the seated members, or other guests.

For more information, contact Bob Lambert at r.lambert@samuraibizgp.com or call us at (312) 863-8580.