Sales Transformation Program

The Sales Transformation Program is a Professional Sales Development Peer Group for Owners of Small to Midsize Businesses

Has your company hit a seemingly insurmountable revenue plateau?

Have sales stagnated there for years – regardless of all your efforts and initiatives?

Want to join the segment of the industry that breaks through and reaches new heights in sales growth?

If you answered yes, then the SALES Transformation Program has been designed for you!  The program will enable you to transform your business from a product/service delivery business to a sales driven model and to deliver consistent, scalable, sustainable, and predictable sales growth.

What separates the companies that break through the barrier vs those who remain stuck?

The answer is simple.  It comes down to the capability and devotion of the President / CEO to personally transform the sales engine of their company and to take on the job of re-inventing the sales aspects of their business. This requires three commitments:

  • Develop their own capability to lead a sales force
  • Implement a disciplined, effective, and scalable sales engine
  • Recruit, train and motivate game-changing talent

Learn how you can build a top performing sales engine

It’s all about you

The experience of other President / CEOs proves that transforming your business is achievable. Radical improvements in sales can be realized in months (not years). 

You are accountable for sales — period; nobody else. If your sales team is not producing results, own it yourself. What are you not doing?  Use the roadmap as a guide to make the needed improvements.

We have seen this transformation occur with our clients – each of them could answer each of the questions below affirmatively.

You need to make a decision. Are you going to be one of the companies that is going to blast through the sales plateaus of the past? Or will your company continue to muddle along hoping things will improve?  Here is what you must consider:

  • Are you willing to make sales your number 1 job this year?
  • What are you willing to STOP doing to free up your time to take on the sales leadership challenge? (Through delegation, new hires, etc.) – Note: You have to be willing to invest 25-33% of your time minimum on sales leadership.
  • Do you have the top talent on board that you need? What talent gaps are holding you back?
  • Do you have a sales transformation roadmap, timeline and week to week game plan laid out?
  • Do you have a well-defined, 3 step sales process that produces sales for you? Can you teach people to follow this approach? Build the skills and instincts to execute it?
  • Are you willing to team with your sales force and coach them individually and collectively each week?
  • Do you have a coach or peer group that can hold you accountable, share best practices, help you to keep pushing ahead?

In the end, sales growth is all about you – and your ability to build, lead, coach, manage, develop, motivate and retain a top producing sales team.  Are you ready to do what it takes to change the future of your company?  Or would you rather stay in your comfort zone and rationalize all of the reasons why this isn’t a good time to move ahead.  If you need excuses, you’ll find a million of them.


The Sales Transformation Program

To meet this need, Samurai Business Group is offering a professional development peer group program for owners of small to mid-market companies. Our goal is to provide the same world class sales management development that the top corporations provide – but tailor its content and delivery for the practical world of the business owners in the SMB arena.

You will be taught sales management processes and best practices as utilized by world-class sales organizations and guided through a carefully designed, year-long competency development program.

Learn more about the Roadmap to a Successful Sales Engine

The program fees cover a combination of training, materials, workshops, individual coaching, webinars and peer group working sessions.  The bi-monthly, half-day workshops and peer group sessions are held at our training centers in Downtown Chicago.  90 minute webinars are held during the months that do not have group meetings. Coaching is continuous throughout the program.

The Key to Success

Most importantly, you will be in a peer group with other business owners, leveraging the power of the experiences of the group and collaborating on solving the daunting sales challenges you face every day. This is the secret sauce that produces results geometrically more potent and practical than conventional training programs.

This program is not for everyone.  Contact us to determine if this program would be a good fit for you.


Contact Michael at (312-543-7617) or Dan at (312-863-8580).  We will schedule a time to review the program, determine if it is right for you and assess if you’d be a fit within one of the groups.