The Sales Leaders Guild

The Sales Leaders Guild is a Professional Development Peer Group for Front Line Sales Leaders

As a front line sales leader, are you struggling with the following challenges?

  • Always fighting fires – each day presents problems that demand your immediate attention and resolution, burning your precious time and distracting you from your main responsibilities
  • Fictional sales forecasts – no matter how much time and effort you dedicate to getting your forecasts right, you are constantly embarrassed by its lack of accuracy
  • Quota haymakers – each month or quarter seem to provide unpleasant surprises at the worst possible time: sales that you have in the bank unravel, chargebacks pop up, etc.
  • Sales force drama and dysfunction – constantly wasting time having to play referee, psychologist, or kindergarten teacher to the sales force in order to deal with political mind games and self-inflicted crises
  • Hiring mistakes – they interview like Superman, but once you hire them, they perform like Homer Simpson
  • Stress inducing bosses – it’s not only the people that you manage that generate stress, the people you work for just keep pouring gasoline on the fire

Unfortunately, the above scenarios are all too prevalent in small and mid-size businesses.  The profession of sales management provides time-tested and practical solutions to all of these challenges.   Yet most sales managers are provided no guidance or assistance from their companies. Sales management training and development are almost non-existent.

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There is a myth in Corporate America that is ruining profits and destroying sales organizations. The myth is that upon promotion into a sales management position, a top sales producer mystically becomes endowed with all the skills and traits necessary to create and manage a sales team that produces superior results. Unfortunately, the preponderance of evidence suggests that this is rarely the case. In fact, data collected over the last 20 years shows that when someone from the top 20% of their sales organization is promoted to sales manager, less than 10% are successful. (Perhaps this explains why the professional life span of most SMB sales managers is 18 months.)

Changing our thinking

The job of the first-line sales manager is arguably the most important job in the entire sales force. They are the drivers of the sales results needed to sustain your company. They are also the leverage points for geometric sales increases because improvements in their performance has a multiplier effect equal to the number of people on their team. Unfortunately, the effect can also be negative if the manager is ineffective.

It is not a coincidence that world class sales organizations have formal training and mentoring programs to develop their sales managers. The rest just continue to perpetuate the myth, waiting for their sales managers to “figure it out”, hoping that they will.

The belief is that training is too expensive and/or that time spent in development is non-productive. The fact is that these opinions couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent on developing the sales managers, companies see an ROI of approximately $300. Yet companies spend significantly less on sales manager training than any other business function, which is quite astounding when you consider that without sales, everything else a company does is

Cutting back on your sales training efforts to save money is like
stopping your watch to save time.

The Sales Leaders Guild

To meet this need, Samurai Business Group is offering a professional development peer group program for front line managers at small to mid-market companies. Our goal is to provide the same world class sales management development that the top corporations provide – but tailor its content and delivery for the practical world of the sales managers in the SMB arena.

You will be taught sales management processes and best practices as utilized by world-class sales organizations and guided through a carefully designed, year-long competency development program.

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The program fees cover a combination of training, materials, workshops, individual coaching, webinars and peer group working sessions. The bi-monthly, half-day workshops and peer group sessions are held at our training centers in Downtown Chicago. 90 minute webinars are held during the months that do not have group meetings. Coaching is continuous throughout the program.

The Key to Success

Most importantly, you will be in a peer group with other front-line sales managers, leveraging the power of the experiences of the group and collaborating on solving the daunting challenges you face every day. This is the secret sauce that produces results geometrically more potent and practical than conventional training programs.

This program is not for everyone.  Contact us to determine if this program would be a good fit for you.


Contact Michael at (312-543-7617) or Dan at (312-863-8580).  We will schedule a time to review the program, determine if it is right for you and assess if you’d be a fit within one of the groups.