Recruiting of Top Sales Talent

According to the DePaul 2011-2012 Sales Effectiveness Survey (DePaul Survey) conducted by The Center for Sales Leadership at DePaul University:

  • The average cost to the company for hiring and onboarding a new salesperson was $65,449.
  • The average additional cost to replace that sales person that doesn’t work out was $49,508.  These costs do not include the “soft” costs of lost opportunity, sales force disruption, wasted management time, and the associated emotional costs.

The study also found that there is an astounding 62% turnover rate of new hires in the first two years.

How is it possible that a company’s hiring process can be less effective than flipping a coin? (50/50).

The answer lies in understanding the key elements that comprise sales success: sales skills and sales environment.  Sales skills comprise the behaviors that a sales person needs to be successful.  This element answers the question: Can they do the job?”  

Your hiring managers often need help finding and attracting high quality talent with the right track record and skills that match your sales role.

The other missing ingredient is “Will they do the job, here, at my company?”  The answer to this question lies in the unique sales environment of the company.

Current research has shown that the sales environment is as critical a factor in determining the success of an individual salesperson as the person’s sales skills. This explains why top performers at one company often produce less than expected results when they join another company…same person, same skills – different environment.  Unfortunately, this element is often assumed to be existent.  It is virtually ignored by the hiring managers.  Salespeople that are incompatible with their environment will produce below expected results and are more likely to leave the organization.

Working with Samurai Business Group to recruit, interview and hire your sales talent can shift the odds in your favor.

Getting the hiring process right is vital for middle market companies and small businesses. The cost and disruption of a bad hire (or a series of bad hires) can devastate your sales momentum and put the entire company at risk.   While building a team of top producers amplifies your success dramatically.

Our proven, proprietary hiring process for sales professionals addresses both key questions.  We determine your unique sales environment through a combination of six environmental dimensions.  We then develop a desired candidate profile based on that environment, and screen for candidates whose profiles are compatible and have a high probability of success in the specific role you require.

We perform this work as a retained consulting engagement. The work is organized into three phases:

  • Profile the ideal candidate and source candidates
  • Present short list of the best candidates for consideration
  • Hire the candidate(s) that are the best fit

Your investment is a fixed fee rather than a % of salary, thereby dramatically decreasing your cost, while accelerating the hiring process.


If you’ve been struggling to hire salespeople that actually produce, contact Michael at or Dan at  We will schedule a time to review your requirements and determine if we can assist and enhance your hiring efforts