Sales Coaching

The two major reasons that other sales training programs fail to achieve results are:

  1. Lack of reinforcement after the training

  2. Inability / failure to apply the training in real-life situations


What you need to generate results after you receive sales training is on-going, effective sales coaching.

SBG’s blended-learning training techniques follow the Harvard Adult Learning Model, which utilizes your adult life experiences and critical thinking skills to expedite your learning process. Our on-going coaching sessions apply the concepts and skills to your actual sales situations, thereby deepening your behavioral and emotional learning experience.

You need this in order to internalize the training, since everyone’s skills development can only occur at the experiential level.  For example, no matter how much classroom time you spend watching films of the greatest baseball hitters in the world and studying the theories of hitting a baseball; the only way you could learn to actually hit a baseball is to pick up a bat and face live pitching.  You will get better at batting faster if you are assisted by an experienced coach who helps refine your skill.

You have a unique personality.  In order for it to become “natural” for you, sales training must be adapted to you. That is what you get from SBG because generic, “one-size-fits-all” approaches won’t get the results that you want.  It is our responsibility to provide the necessary guidance as you go through this process.

Changing behaviors and breaking old habits can be extremely difficult.  Humans are resistant to change and excellent at rationalization, so when things get tough, often we convince ourselves to go back to our comfort zones.  The very nature of the coaching relationship provides the participant with the accountability needed to overcome this tendency.

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