Samurai Business Group provides you with behavioral-based assessment tools designed to help your sales managers hire sales people that are compatible with your sales environment and to dramatically decrease turnover by deploying your current staff into the roles that are best suited for them.

Current research has shown that the sales environment is as critical a factor in determining the success of an individual sales person as the person’s sales skills. This explains why top performers at one company often produce less than expected results when they join another company…same person, same skills – different environment. Salespeople that are incompatible with their environment will produce below expected results and are more likely to leave the organization.

The conventional sales roles of “hunter” and “farmer” are too generic to address the multiple and varied roles that make up modern sales organizations. In fact, in today’s markets there are sixteen clearly delineated sales environments, each of which has a specific set of “best fit” behavioral profiles that are compatible and have a high probability of success in that specific role. Precisely matching the sales person to the specific sales environment is critical to sustained success.

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