Essential Sales Management: The Three Critical Skills of Successful Sales Managers

By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert

33 pages – Digital / Published 2013

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A myth in corporate America is ruining careers and profits. It has been detailed in the book The Peter Principle. The myth is that upon promotion of a top performer into management, the person mystically becomes endowed with all the skills necessary to create and manage a team that produces superior results.

In sales, this generally occurs when a top salesperson is promoted to sales manager. Whether or not the person has the temperament or skill set required by the new position is rarely considered. Indeed, the demands of a management position are often diametrically opposed to the activities of a sales position.

Sales management plays a critical role in the generation of the revenue stream required to sustain and grow the company.  It is the sales manager’s role to oversee and enhance the implementation of the sales strategy and revenue growth.  In order to successfully accomplish this, they must get their priorities straight.  Knowing what to do first, and doing it, is the key to successful sales management.

This book discusses the five biggest challenges facing sales managers in today’s hyper-competitive markets; the 10 most common mistakes made by sales managers; and focusses on the three critical skills that sales managers must master in order to create a sustainable, high-performance sales organization.

The authors show the reader the most effective sales management tactics to drive performance and build and implement an effective sales process and organization. Utilizing examples and individual exercises, they help the reader develop proficiency in the three most critical skills required for successful sales managers.  The book is a practical text book for first-line sales managers.  It provides not only the “what” to do, but also the” how” to do it.

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