Buyer Process Management: Applying the Principles of Human Behavior to Business-to-Business Sales

By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert

41 pages – Digital / Published 2011

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In the last ten years, new technologies have become available that have enabled behavioral and neuro- scientists to gain a deeper understanding of how the human brain works physiologically.  This research has provided greater insights into human behavior, and the connection between our emotions, instincts, thought processes, and the physical functioning of our brains.

Samurai Business Group’s Buyer Process Management™ model applies the findings of this research to the process of business-to-business sales.  The methodology focuses on collaborating with the prospect as they follow their natural decision-making process.  It is most effective in complex sales situations involving multiple decision-makers / influencers and / or in situations where the decision will have a significant personal impact on the decision-maker.  Unlike older models that focus on the generic issues facing the organization, Buyer Process Management™ focuses on the individual compelling reasons motivating each individual decision-maker / influencer.   It is truly the first new sales model to be developed in the last twenty years.

Using case studies and examples, the authors demonstrate the model in action.  They show the reader the most effective sales behaviors to be utilized in any given situation, and how to recognize where you are in the buying process at any given moment.  They then support their recommendations by citing relevant research.  They provide not only the “what” to do, but also the” why” it will work.

The Buyer Process Management™ model has been included as part of DePaul University’s sales curriculum, and is taught at thirty-five universities in North America.

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