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Business sales training – impressions of the first 6 weeks

SBG Training – impressions of the first 6 sessions A memoir by Spencer Maus   First Week – Preparation The first step was to complete the DISC Behavioral Profile. Having completed a number of behavioral profiles, my first thought was this

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Essential Sales Management: The Three Critical Skills of Successful Sales Managers

By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert 33 pages – Digital / Published 2013 $5.99  A myth in corporate America is ruining careers and profits. It has been detailed in the book The Peter Principle. The myth is that upon promotion

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Buyer Process Management: Applying the Principles of Human Behavior to Business-to-Business Sales

By Dan Kreutzer and Bob Lambert 41 pages – Digital / Published 2011 $5.99  In the last ten years, new technologies have become available that have enabled behavioral and neuro- scientists to gain a deeper understanding of how the human

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White papers available for download

A New Perspective: Has following the traditional sales playbook led to a stagnation of your sales results? Learn a new approach that will change everything!   What Customers Want: Losing customers to the competition? Is there a lack of loyalty

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Download from our selection of white papers


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Webinars to improve your Sales

Sales Skills Development 60 minute webinars that address essential sales skills: Handling Objections: overcome buyer resistance and close the sale Motivating Prospect to Buy: identifying the key element that changes “not interested” to a closed sale Prospect Generation: converting leads

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The Roadmap to Building a Successful Sales Engine

The objective is to transform your sales leadership, processes and management systems – and incrementally build an industry-leading sales organization. To achieve this level of success, you will work with an elite peer group of liked-minded, success-oriented business leaders as

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Selling Value

If you can’t establish value, it will always come down to price. Most sales people focus on their products and services, regaling the prospect with the features and the benefits that flow from them to create “value” for the prospect. 

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Four Deadly Sins of Sales Management

Four Deadly Sins of Sales Management Spending Too Much Time on Activities That Fail To Drive Results Join us and your sales manager colleagues for a webinar on this topic on 8/25 @ 1:00-2:00 PM CDT, to register: Registration Why do so

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Downtown SENG chapter @ Mid-America Club

By invitation only – call 312-863-8580 for information

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