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Anthony Rudolf – Chief Operating Officer and General Manager – RMI International

Working with the Samurai Business Group and learning the Black Belt Sales System has literally changed my life. Company sales were in decline, sales staff turnover was high, and the company was in the beginning what is euphemistically called the “Business Death Spiral.”I had prior experience working with sales consultants and trainers, which turned out to be very expensive endeavors that had led to very few tangible results. Naturally, I was skeptical of engaging with Dan and Bob. However, under constant pressure from Bob Geras, one of our key investors and the Chairman of the Board, I reluctantly agreed to contract with Samurai. Frankly, I saw it strictly as a CYA move.What happened next was astounding. Within six months of working with Dan and Bob, our sales performance increased by 65%, the cost of sales was down 27%, the average sales cycle decreased by approximately 30 days, and our sales forecast accuracy improved to the point that we could confidently project quarterly cash flows.Black Belt Selling has put us on the path to growth, and has provided a framework to accelerate our market penetration. The coaching of Dan and Bob has been invaluable. They are truly concerned with their client’s success, and their passion for excellence, which was first instilled in the sales staff, has begun to spread throughout our organization.I highly recommend the Samurai Business Group to anyone – with the exception of my competitors – who are seeking to dramatically improve their overall sales performance.