Patrick Moriarty – President – FranNet – The Franchise Connection of Northern Illinois
Franchising – Sales training

I have worked with Dan Kreutzer and the Samurai Business Group for almost a year now. It has made a tremendous impact on my business. My sales increased almost 50% my first 6 months in the program and this year I have had over 60% year over year growth. Prior to my business, I had a career in corporate sales and have been through almost every sales program you can imagine. Dan’s coaching has surpassed all of the other programs. The program not only helps drive sales, but to truly help customers solve problems giving you the ability to develop long-term business relationships.As a business owner, I have a lot of pressure on my time so this was a serious commitment for me. Dan’s program is organized, well prepared, informative, and you are learning from your experiences. I always leave the training feeling that I learned something and got value for the time spent. Unlike other programs where you are given a lot of information and told good luck, now go do it, Dan works with you on a weekly basis where you can apply what you have learned and continue to refine your skills. Selling is no different from any other discipline in life – you need the ability to practice and must refine your skills. No reasonable person would expect an athlete to meet with a coach for a day and have mastered his or her sport, yet that is what is expected of many professional sales people. Dan’s program is the “coach” that you can keep coming back to until you have reached the level that you are satisfied with. I highly recommend Dan and the Samurai Business Group to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


John Marcquenski – President – Mission Signs – Franchising

This letter presents my experience with Dan Kreutzer and the Samurai Business Group. I own a sign and graphics business in the Chicago area. Before working with Dan and the Samurai Business Group, my monthly sales ranged between $4000 and $8000 per month, and my largest sale was $2000. When I enrolled in the Samurai Business Group, Dan and I worked on a plan to achieve my monthly sales targets. We identified the key market segments and the sales activities needed to be successful in those market places. We also developed a tracking system to track my behavior against the various activities. In Dan’s weekly sales class we worked on improving my sales system and selling techniques. Even though my background was in sales, I learned a lot from these weekly sessions. After approximately 8 months with the Samurai Business Group, my monthly sales now range between $23,000 and $31,000; I have successfully opened up two new market segments; and my largest sale is now $11,000. I’ve also changed my marketing approach to pursue the markets and customers that will give me the biggest return for my efforts. Dan Kreutzer and the Samurai Business Group have helped me focus on the right activities to expand my business. Good luck with your own business.