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Tony Battaglia – Director – Benham, Ichen and Knox
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Jon Paul – President – Value Added Finance Resources
Financial Services – Sales Training

When I signed up for the Samurai program, little did I realize the change it would bring to my 12-year-old consulting business. In the first month we signed a large retainer client. Two months later, we closed an even larger client. Three months after starting, a previously stalled prospect from before the Samurai came to life and was another success. In just four months, my consulting income was over 6 times my previous volume! The benefits were more than dollars; the quality was up as well. We progressed on a number of key objectives, such as moving to upfront retainer assignments, getting value-based rather than hourly work, dealing with the CEO level and landing projects where we have others do the work.Had I known then what I know now, I would not have taken so long to sign up. The Samurai program is not the lowest price in town and being in finance, I was choking on the investment in the proposal, so I checked out other programs. What swung me in besides the strengths of Dan and Bob was their guarantee of results. They committed to getting me to 3 times my volume back then, or 50% above my previous highs. The coaching sessions were terrific in getting me off to a fast start. The weekly training sessions are a great blend of real world challenges fellow classmates face combined with teaching and exercises on one of the 20 modules. I learn so much from their approach on how to deal with tough situations we all face such as stalled leads. You just don’t pick up that stuff in books or quickie weekend sales training makeover seminars. However, if all I did was talk about the business benefits, I would be greatly understating the complete value. Among the many great lessons I have learned in the program are listening rather than telling, asking great questions and timing your approach. Those lessons have carried over into my personal and family life. People, including my wife and close friends, have commented on the difference they see. I highly recommend anyone looking at the Samurai program consider the full scope of what it can do.