The Samurai Business Group was founded in 2001 with a vision of helping American companies more effectively compete in a complex, rapidly changing global economy.

We believe that the backbone of this country’s strength is the private sector, and we seek to contribute to, in whatever small measure we can, its continuing vitality.

During their careers, the partners have worked with domestic sales organizations, foreign sales organizations, and truly global sales organizations.
Their experiences and observations in these situations have provided them with insights that are not readily available to most American companies.

These insights led them to the following conclusions:

  • American companies were using consumer-based models developed in the ’80s for their approach to selling in business-to-business markets.

  • Human behavior, especially when it comes to the unique task of “making a purchase”, was remarkably similar across the globe, regardless of culture.

  • Technology was becoming a deterrent, rather than a help, to forging strong customer relationships.

  • A very small percentage of sales people were responsible for a very large percentage of all the goods and services that were sold.

In 2003, the partners began a process to develop products and services that were based on these principles and that would help American sales¬†organizations cope with, and thrive in, 21st century market conditions. The process is on-going. In today’s hyper¬†markets (both in intensity and activity); Darwin’s Rule, “Adapt or die,” truly applies.

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