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    Sales Training that will provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.


    Numerous studies have shown that the two factors that are the biggest determinants of consistent success of sales organizations are:

    • A clearly defined and executable sales process, and
    • Competent sales management
    Sales Challenges: Sales Management Challenges:
    Generating real prospects Hiring producers
    Selling value to executives Effectively managing the sales team
    Getting decisions Producing accurate forecasts
    Avoiding “commodity” status Producing consistent sales results
    Successfully navigating complex sales Coaching / developing the sales team
    Sales Process: Our revolutionary Buyer Process Management Model™, which was developed in collaboration with DePaul University and is taught as part of their sales curriculum, provides you with a sales process that is based on the application of human behavioral and neurological scientific research.  It is a flexible and repeatable process that will shorten your sales cycles, improve your close ratio, and set you apart from your competition. DePaul University, a pioneer in providing sales education at the undergraduate and MBA levels, has included Samurai’s Buying Process Management™ methodology as an integral part of its sales education curriculum.
    In addition, 16 universities in North America have included Buying Process Management™ in their sales curriculum. Samurai Business Group is a member of the Board of Advisors for DePaul’s Center for Sales Leadership.
    Value Selling: To be successful in today’s market, the sales team must learn to sell value. Prospects have been on the company website prior to the meeting. They know all about your products and services. They expect you to show them how the products will provide value to them, not tell them what they already know. The key to value selling is understanding the prospect’s perception of value. Following Samurai’s Buyer Process Management™ system is an effective way of creating value for the prospect.
    Sales Management: The Shogun Sales Management Mastery Series™ is designed to dramatically increase the competency of sales managers by developing their skills in the three critical areas of sales management: hiring producers; managing for results; and developing their people.
    The Samurai Way℠: Our blended-learning training techniques follow the Harvard Adult Learning Model, which utilizes an adult’s life experiences and critical thinking skills to expedite the learning process.  The training sessions draw from the participant’s real life experiences with an emphasis on applying the principles learned in actual, on-the-job situations.
    Service Offerings:
    1. Customized, blended learning programs for sales organizations

    2. Topic-driven workshops for resolving specific issues

    3. Topic-driven webinars for reinforcement and skill development

    4. Public workshops for skill development of individuals, professionals,  and entrepreneurs

    5. Personal coaching for goal achievement

    6. Consulting on sales and sales management strategies and issues

    7. Speaking engagements on various sales topics

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