Effective Business Development that will provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.

If your business doesn’t have sales you don’t have a business.What do customers want?

Our programs are designed to overcome your specific sales or sales management areas of concern.

Do you have any of these common sales problems?:

  1. Difficulty finding qualified prospects
  2. Failing to close qualified business opportunities
  3. Getting caught up in the pricing/purchasing squeeze
  4. Struggling with high customer turnover / failure to develop loyal customers
  5. Inability to create value and command premium prices

Our clients have solved these problems by making use of the following SBG services.

You can:

You can expect to achieve double digit increases in your sales performance, significant increases in customer loyalty, and continuously high-performing sales organizations as our clients have.

SAMURAI BUSINESS GROUP, LLC, is a Chicago, Illinois-based business development training firm that incorporates human behavior, technology, audits, assessments, and business networking into a proprietary framework that enables you to achieve excellence in professional selling and sales management. Our goal is to assist companies in achieving and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage by the creation of an effective sales process, and an efficient sales organization.

Our revolutionary Buyer Process Management Model™, which was developed in collaboration with DePaul University and is taught as part of their sales curriculum, provides you with a sales process that is based on the application of human behavioral and neurological scientific research.  It is a flexible and repeatable process that will shorten your sales cycles, improve your close ratio, and set you apart from your competition. DePaul University, a pioneer in providing sales education at the undergraduate and MBA levels, has included Samurai’s Buying Process Management™ methodology as an integral part of its sales education curriculum.

DP Sales Lead
 In addition, 35 universities in North America have included Buying Process Management™ in their sales curriculum. Samurai Business Group is a member of the Board of Advisors for DePaul’s Center for Sales Leadership.